Serbia’s Eurovision Dreams Rest With Moje 3

Moje3 Serbia Eurovision Song Contest 2013Three young women will carry the Eurovision dreams of Serbia when they step onto the stage in Sweden, next month. Sara, Nevena and Mirna, collectively known as Moje 3, were overwhelmingly chosen by public vote to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, on 18 May (21:00 CET).

For Mirna, Nevana and Sara, their dream to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest was within sight when they each competed at the First Voice of Serbia (Prvi glas Srbije), a TV talent show. Producers noted a special chemistry between the three, as Sara explained.We met a few months ago during this singing contest, as super-finalists,’ she said. “The idea to become a group actually began after the show. We sang a few songs together and our team realised that we are sounding great together and arranged for a song to be written for us (Ljubav Je Svuda). Even if we are really different in so many ways, it was clear that we are an amazing combination.”

Subotica, Kosovska Mitrovica & Belgrade

Without that chance meeting on that TV talent show, it is unlikely that the three singers would have come together, as one is from the far north of Serbia, one from the deep south and the other from the buzzing capital: Nevena Bozović is from Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo, while Mirna Radulović is from Subotica in Vojvodina. Italian-born Sara Jovanović was raised in Rome to Serbian parents, although she is now happy to live in Belgrade.

Soon after the group was formed, the next stop was Beosong, Serbia’s Eurovision selection show from national broadcaster RTS. Despite not being favourites to triumph, Moje 3 wowed viewers and received enough votes to see them through to Malmö. Nevena was clearly bowled over by the support they received. “It is awesome to know that so many people voted for us,’ she said. “I want to thank them all for their votes. We will give our best not to let them down.”

It is true that hopes are high for Moje 3 to give a strong performance and win their way through from the first semi final on 14 May (21:00 CET). “We shall try to be focused but also to have fun and to be there for each other, whatever it takes,’ Mirna told Wild Rooster.

Eurovision Honour & National Pride

Since winning their place in Sweden, the three solo singers have put their energies into preparing to perform as a trio. “In the last couple of months we performed a lot together, and we are really starting to enjoy our performances, without any stage fright,’ said Sara. “But Eurovision is going to be the biggest event we have ever been a part of, so it’s a little bit different. However, we won’t focus on the outcome or the results. We’ll just enjoy the moment, because being there is a huge honour. That is already enough to deal with, so we will try not to put any extra pressure on ourselves.”

SAR_9611“We know that we have a really big responsibility. It’s an amazing feeling to represent your country, and big success for a singer, too; especially for three girls who became known just a few months ago. People that voted for us changed our lives and helped make our dreams come true. We are so grateful to them. That is another reason why we are going to work even harder to make sure that our country will be proud of us.”

Mirna remains grounded about the challenges ahead. “The responsibility of representing our country is great, of course,’ she said. “We all are aware of the hopes on us, but I think that the most important thing is to sing from the bottom of the heart and people will recognise that. It is a great feeling to have received so much support so far, and I do believe that people from Europe will also give us support as they have in Serbia.”

Junior Eurovision Experience Could Aid Malmo Performance

Nevena, who represented Serbia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and came third, hopes to harness the pressure of performing on the Eurovision stage to add an extra spark to their act. “The pressure is really high,’ she said. “In fact, there is extra pressure for me because I have already participated at the JESC. But I will work hard to prepare myself and to prepare our performance. I’m always a little nervous before any performance, but once I’m on the stage that’s all gone. Everyone is hoping for a good placement and we will give our best not to let them down, of course, but I just want to represent my country in the best possible way.”

Moje3 Serbia Eurovision 2013. Photo credit: S. Saric. Used with kind permission of RTS PR and press department

For many people, the Eurovision Song Contest is a bit of a joke and an irrelevance to today’s music. For others, it is an annual occasion to celebrate music that is unburdened by the need to be credible. For some, like Mirna, Nevena and Sara, it is a dream opportunity to sign for their country.

“I have always dreamt about representing my country,’ said Nevena, who name-checked Germany’s 2010 Eurovision winner Lena Meyer (Satellite) as her inspiration. “Junior Eurovision was a great success for me. Ever since then, my dream has been to sing for Serbia at the ESC and now here I am, on my way to Sweden.” Sara and Mirna are equally, excited, of course. “I was a fan from childhood and it was one of my biggest dreams to sing for my country at Eurovision,’ said Mirna. “Actually, I’m still in shock that my dream came true.”

As well as the thrill of competing for their country at one of the world’s longest-running TV contests, there is something else that excited Nevena, Sara and Mirna about their trip to Sweden: meeting Bonnie Tyler. “Oh, yes! She’s a legend,’ said Sara. “I’m so excited about meeting Bonnie and listening to her live. I can’t wait.” Mirna is equally in awe of the United Kingdom’s Eurovision entrant. “She is marvellous and the song is great,’ she said. “Bonnie Tyler is great like always,’ added Nevena. “I love her song.”

Eurovision Boost to Singing Careers

Moje 3 will be hoping to appeal to the widest possible audience, as they plan to record their song in English and some other voter-friendly languages as part of the pre-contest promotion set up by Serbian national broadcaster RTS. In Malmo, they will perform the song’s original Serbian lyric.

After the annual Eurovision circus is over, Sara hopes that the contest will help to springboard her singing career. “I would like to bring something new to the Serbian music industry,’ she said. “I want to show my love for music, doing that through my creativity, making the people that are listening to my music happy. I would like to learn even more about music, working not just on the singing, but on all of the things that are important for a real artist – on the scene moves for example. ‘Complete artists’ have always inspired me, so I’m really interested into dancing and acting, too.”

Nevena also plans to use the exposure and experience to her benefit. “I want to continue my solo career, and to release my album right after the Eurovision Song Contest,’ she said. “Apart from that, I want to graduate from music academy.” Mirna has chosen to bide her time before making any firm decisions, though. “It has been like I am in a Formula 1 car since January, when we won our place,’ she said. “I will wait until after the contest before I think about everything.”

Eurovision Semi Finals

The final word should go to Moje 3, who have a message for viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest. Our performance will be special, as always. Join us during the semi final and you will enjoy it,’ said Sara. “Then make sure to vote for the song/singer/performance that really impresses you.Mirna added: “Give us support and we shall be the best in our task.” For Nevena, the message was simple: “Enjoy the music.”

• Moje 3 can be seen performing their song Ljubav Je Svuda in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest, on 14 May (21:00 CET). Check local broadcasters or the official site of the Eurovision Song Contest for local voting options.

• Serbia will be joined in that first semi final by Croatia (Klapa s Mora), Slovenia (Hannah) and Montenegro (Who See). Macedonia (Esma and Lozano), Bulgaria (Elitsa Todorova, Stoyan Yankulov), Romania (Cezar) and Albania (Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko) will perform in the second semi final on 16 May (21:00 CET).Bosnia is not competing at this year’s event.

Photo credits: S. Saric. Used with kind permission of RTS PR and press.
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