Hopes Remain High For Serbian Boxer Drenovak

Aleksandar Drenovak London 2012 Serbian BoxerSerbia’s Olympic middleweight boxer Aleksandar Drenovak is holding his focus after having fought his way through to the final sixteen with a win against Ecuador’s Suarez Delgado, late on Saturday. Despite the narrow margin win, Aleksandar was clearly confident of his win, even before the result was announced. “The match was very close, but I believed that I did enough to win,’ Aleksandar told Wild Rooster after the match. “But it was still a great feeling when they lifted my arm.”

As well as the physical aspects of training, Aleksandar is a firm believer in the mental preparations required to succeed at such a level. “Our team psychologist Dr Ljubica was with us at the match,’ he said. “She made me very calm with some useful advice before the match and then supported me during the match. I want to thank her very much for that.”

 Turkey’s Adem Kilicci

This first win takes Aleksandar through to fight against Turkey’s Adem Kilicci, on Thursday (22:00 BST). In a match earlier that same day, Team GB’s Anthony Ogogo will face Aleksandar’s nemesis, the Ukranian World Champion Ievgen Khytrov.

“My greatest competition will be Ievgen Khytrov,’ Aleksandar told Wild Rooster. “He beat me in the Quarter Finals of the World Championships before he went on to be the winner. I would like another chance to fight him – but in later rounds.”

Aleksandar went into the ring knowing that he could count on support from his home town of Vrnjačka Banja. “The town was on fire tonight! People stayed up to cheer me on in the small hours. I knew I could not disappoint the people back home, especially as today was the my town’s slava. I had to give them even more reason to celebrate.

“I appreciate all the incredible support, especially from my family, close friends and everyone at home.  When I spoke to my family after the match, they were very happy. My mum and sister were very nervous before the match but, after my win, they celebrated with all citizens of Vrnjačka Banja who were on the streets and had watched the match in cafes and on large video screens.”

Team Serbia Feel The Support

It was not only those in Serbia who were cheering Aleksandar to victory. The bonds that have already formed within Team Serbia meant that he could rely on backing from those in the Olympic Village, too. “I had big support from all Serbian athletes and other members of team, especially the handball players who left a good luck card at my door,’ Aleksandar said. “I am proud that I am part of this team, I am proud to be a Serb and I am a proud Banjcanin!”

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  1. Bakka

    7 / 31 / 2012 8:03 am

    Aleksandar the great!!!!


    • 7 / 31 / 2012 9:36 am

      He is definitely a great guy with a good attitude – and a strong presence in the ring. Let us hope that he can retain that form.





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