International film award for leading Serbian actor Slaven Došlo

slaven doslo subtitle Film Festival 2016International acclaim is stacking up for Serbian actor SLAVEN DOŠLO, who earned an Angela Award for his outstanding acting performance in Next to Me / Pored Mene.

At the culmination of the four-day Subtitle European Film Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland, Slaven was presented with the award on stage in front of 200 leading film directors, producers, casting directors and stars from America and Europe.

“I appreciate receiving this international award from a festival that is really one of a kind,’ said Slaven Doslo.

“This award means a lot to me, embodying as it does the tremendous international support for my work, particularly in the film Next to Me.

“I am just so grateful to director Stevan Filipovic for giving me the opportunity to play arole that has had such impact in Serbia and is now bringing me success with an international audience who really love the movie.”

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Serbian heartthrob Slaven Doslo thrills in Panama

Panama Poster In an age when quantity trumps quality and lives can be judged on the number of Facebook likes, commitment-averse teens have reduced sex to a numbers game.

That is a premise for Panama, the debut feature from Serbian director Pavle Vucković, starring Serbia’s hottest screen star Slaven Došlo.

The film, which screened to positive reviews at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and has attracted attention for its steamy sex scenes, receives its premiere in Belgrade, this week (Wednesday, 21 October).

Slaven, aged 24, takes the lead in this dark look at a hedonistic whirl of porn-fuelled experiences and no-ties sex replacing genuine interest in other people.

But while social media can be the conduit to these self-gratifying hook-ups, it can also waken age-old vices such as jealousy, pride and greed.

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Serbian cinema has bright hopes for Next to Me’s Slaven Došlo

Slaven Doslo, Pored Mene, Next to MeSlaven Došlo has joined a throng of exciting young actors and directors to be proclaimed as flag bearers for the future of Serbian cinema.

With two films praised by critics at this year’s round of international film festivals, this 24-year-old from Sombor is attracting attention beyond the domestic market.

Hollywood Reporter was the latest in a string of international film media to namecheck Slaven for his scene-stealing performance in writer-director Stevan Filipović‘s acclaimed high school drama Pored Mene (Next to Me).

The film, distributed in Serbia by Taramount Film, was named Best Film at Croatia’s Pula International Film Festival on its first public screening.

Slaven has attracted widespread praise for his role as a sharp-witted college boy in the film which won the Young Audience Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

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Balkan history is a burden for Serbian actors, says Nikola Rakočević

NikolaRakocevicPortraying real people or true events can be a thankless task for any actor or director.

With its chequered past and a cast of characters both loved and loathed, it can be especially troublesome in the Balkans.

Acclaimed Serbian actor Nikola Rakočević knows full well the burden of responsibility that such roles present.

His credits span recent history, with lead roles in stage and screen portrals of the trial of Gavrilo Princip, the murder of Srdjan Aleksić, the plight of Serbia’s Slovenian war refugees and the grip of Belgrade’s neo-nazi football hooligans.

“I feel great responsibility for the movies I make, especially when playing real people or real events,’ said Nikola. “It is then even more important not to mess up. It is one of the things that makes me think really seriously when choosing my movies or theatre roles.”

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