Belgrade Shows Some Cheek In Clean-Up Campaign

Belgrade has exposed its funny side with a humorous new advertising campaign that encourages people to keep their city clean. Dog owners are the targets of this canny campaign to encourage greater consideration for a cleaner city.

As was clearly the aim, the posters from international communications powerhouse McCann Erickson Belgrade have attracted attention at home and abroad, presenting a side of Serbia that is too rarely seen: its humour.

The fun campaign for the Environmental Council of Stari Grad Municipality draws attention to an issue affecting parts of the city. It pictures three women (and just one man) bending over to scoop the poop from their small dogs. The creative element is in the witty execution, with the people bending over and a Serbian strapline that translates as ‘For A Beautiful City, Clean After Your Dog’.

Separate English versions of the posters, as seen in the media, have been produced by McCann Erickson Belgrade for international promotion of the campaign and for advertising trade festivals. They will not be posted on Belgrade’s streets.

Rather refreshingly in advertising, the subjects of the campaign are neither using sex to sell, nor being deliberately provocative to attract attention. These are normal people in jeans and everyday clothing placed in an amusing street set-up. The creative team at McCann Erickson Belgrade and the photographer donated their work pro bono.

Milos Stankovic, New Business Manager at McCann Erickson Belgrade, spoke to W!LD RooSTeR about the campaign: “Every year our agency is doing pro-bono work for different clients. We usually prefer social responsibility campaigns. We invent the brief since we are also citizens of this city and we know what bothers people. We react to things we think are relevant to our everyday life. In that way, we can use our profession to change things in life besides selling products.”

Art director Marija Milanković told W!LD RooSTeR: “The message is clear and simple but for the visual we used the most powerful marketing tool – the human body,’ Marija said. “We usually don’t support this type of visual communication but this one is for the ‘greater good’. Pro-bono means we used our own resources so even the butt models are people working in the agency.

“This type of problem isn’t quite on Serbia’s ASAP to do list, but we have to start somewhere, even if it’s one little brown dog poop. The campaign has already been very notable, on streets and throughout the media. Belgrade is often presented as a city of a good nightlife and pretty ladies so why don’t use it to move the attention some place else.”

The campaign is the result of a partnership between McCann Erickson BelgradeStari Grad Municipality and Alma Quattro media provider. It will be running from 22 August until 5 September in City Lights in Stari Grad Municipality, central Belgrade.


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