Unique Among Equals

Life would be better for everyone if we could celebrate our differences, embrace our similarities and cherish what makes us unique among equals. The rich diversity within a cultural does not need to dilute our heritage or identity. Rather it should help to make life more thrilling and allow us to share those small surprises that make us smile.

Cultural variation is something to appreciate. Whether they are to be found among people of a continent, a country or even a town, the differences that we encounter can enhance life and ensure that our modern cities are more exciting places in which to live. The vibrant mix of people sharing their lives, enjoying mutual spaces but maintaining their own identity can enrich a city and make it a place of great creativity, colour and spirit. It should not be any surprise that these cosmopolitan cities are also some of the most interesting places to visit.

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Serbia Reports Dramatic Increase In Divorce

Serbia Divorce Marriage StatisticsSerbia has experienced a significant increase in marriage break-ups, with a year-on-year divorce rise of nearly twenty five per cent. Figures released by Serbia’s Statistical Office show that the number of divorces grew from 6,644 in 2010 to 8,251 in 2011, a 24.19% increase. This takes the divorce rate back to the level seen in 2002, with one divorce recorded for every one thousand people in Serbia.

The 2011 figures, released this week, also show that the average age when a couple gets a divorce was 39 for women and 43 for men, while the average length of a marriage ending in divorce was 12.7 years. As is commonplace, the largest number of divorces was among childless couples (45%), which might be due in part to divorce being seen most often during the first four years of marriage. Where the couples had children, the mother was granted custody in 79% of cases, again a familiar statistic in many countries.

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Mobile Team Steers Belgrade Towards Safer Taxi Travel

iPhone App Taxi Serbia AndroidTaxi travel in Belgrade should be safer, quicker and more reliable, with the launch of a new mobile phone app that is being hailed as a game-changer for cab businesses in Belgrade.

Safety is a significant benefit of Taksiko, enabling customers to wait inside until the vehicle arrives, rather than stand around on a street or trawl the ranks. The app also provides the registration number and predicted arrival time of the taxi ordered, so rogue cabbies should not be able to come along and take you for a ride. As an additional security feature, every taxi trip is registered by the app, noting the time, route and vehicle number.

“When we sat down to plan this app, safety was a key objective for us,’ said Imperio’s Aleksandar Djuric. “We not only wanted to modernise the process of calling a cab, we wanted to make it much safer too. Taksiko allows people to feel more at ease with travelling by taxi, day or night.”

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