Tadic Steps Up His Campaign As The Presidential Caravan Rolls Into London

14 November, 2011 News No comments

Serbian President Boris Tadić is in London as part of an international charm offensive to secure backing for Serbia’s EU ascension hopes and to improve investment links with his country. During his three day visit, Tadić will hold talks with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Foreign Secretary William Hague and meet with business leaders from the City.

The Serbian diaspora will also be targeted with an Embassy reception, with Tadić well aware of the mistrust and frustration that many Serbs feel after his years at the helm. The President’s detractors are questioning the coalition’s achievements and, increasingly, they are wondering aloud about the rationale and intentions behind certain unpopular moves that could appear to appease foreign interests more than they track the mood on the home front.

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With Great Responsibility Comes Great Reward

11 November, 2011 Opinion No comments

Life comes with many responsibilities. As we grow up we learn more each day about the importance of showing respect to others, taking responsibility for our actions and caring for our environment and everything within it. As soon as we put these ideals into action, the payoff we receive in return can be a great reward. 

For many, the first experience of responsibility comes with taking care of a pet. These cats, dogs and other animals that we invite into our homes rely on us for their food, health and care. We share our lives with them and they reciprocate with unquestioning companionship and love. That seems like a good deal to me.

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I Know A Man Who Can…

Anything is possible in the Balkans. If there is something you want, someone can get it for you. If you need something doing, someone can sort that too. In even the smallest circle of friends, people can often bicker over who would be better suited to get the task done. If one person cannot help you, they usually know someone who can, and they will happily make recommendations. Like ripples in a pond, the circles of influence spread wide around you.

Networking is such a buzzword, as if the concept of spreading your net widely and helping each other was discovered by business gurus and social media types. But it is not a new idea. It is a core concept in all relationship-based cultures where family and friends still hold great importance. Cultures such as those that still thrive throughout the Balkans.

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Listen First, Speak Later

Many people are poor listeners. Quite often we meet people who like the sound of their own voice and can seem compelled to share that pleasure with others. They update us on everything they do, no matter how unimpressive and irrelevant to our own lives and interests. To be honest, most people do not have much to say that could not be improved by considering its relevance to others before open their mouth.

Everyone has experienced the boring drunk at a party: they are always the one who will not stop talking when, in fact, they have very little to say. They go on and on, as if everyone within earshot deserves their pearls of wisdom. In fact, they are just tiresome. After the humour has worn thin, they move quickly from fun to dull and then become really quite annoying, and all because they refuse to shut up. The same can be said for many brands.

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