Serbia’s Crown Prince Hopes To Win Back The Throne

Serbia’s global image would improve, the political landscape would be cleaned up, and much-needed cash would be safe in the country’s coffers if Serbia would return a Karadjordjevic king to the throne. That is the opinion of Crown Prince Alexander II, as told to W!LD RooSTeR during an interview at Belgrade’s Royal Palace.

“I think that parliamentary monarchy is a great solution for Serbia,’ declared Crown Prince Alexander, who publicly favours a system of parliamentary monarchy. “The Prime Minister and his cabinet, along with the parliament, elected by the people in free and fair elections, would run the country. I should say that the politicians would be the same. You can’t have a new bunch of politicians, just pick them up from some village.

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Adulterers by Vida Ognjenović : A Book Review

Adulterers is not all that might be implied by the book’s title. The break up of a marriage is merely the starting point from which an emotional process of exploration can begin within this award-winning novel from leading Serbian dramatist, author and diplomat Vida Ognjenović

Indeed, the infidelity that kick starts this soul-searching confessional is of significantly less importance than the intense self-examination and subsequent discovery that it prompts in the book’s narrator. Adulterers is released as part of the much-admired Serbian Prose in Translation series from Serbia’s Geopoetika publishing house.

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