Serbia Reports Dramatic Increase In Divorce

Serbia Divorce Marriage StatisticsSerbia has experienced a significant increase in marriage break-ups, with a year-on-year divorce rise of nearly twenty five per cent. Figures released by Serbia’s Statistical Office show that the number of divorces grew from 6,644 in 2010 to 8,251 in 2011, a 24.19% increase. This takes the divorce rate back to the level seen in 2002, with one divorce recorded for every one thousand people in Serbia.

The 2011 figures, released this week, also show that the average age when a couple gets a divorce was 39 for women and 43 for men, while the average length of a marriage ending in divorce was 12.7 years. As is commonplace, the largest number of divorces was among childless couples (45%), which might be due in part to divorce being seen most often during the first four years of marriage. Where the couples had children, the mother was granted custody in 79% of cases, again a familiar statistic in many countries.

Although divorce has increased greatly in recent years, the popularity of getting married has remained quite stable in Serbia. There was only a minuscule 0.02% decrease in marriage for the period 2010-2011, with the number of weddings falling almost imperceptibly from 35,815 to 35,808. Across the period from 2002 to 2011, a slight decrease was seen in the number of marriages in Serbia, falling from six per one thousand inhabitants to five per one thousand.

Of those who chose to marry in Serbia during 2011, an overwhelming 83% were first time marriages (30,014), an increase on 2010.

In Serbia, people do not marry young. The statistics for 2010-2011 show that the age at which people first entered married life averaged at 27 for women and 30 for men, while the overall average for any marriage was three years older for both men and women.

Interestingly, the husband is more educated than the wife in only a small number of marriages (15%), whereas women out-school the men in 19% of marriages. A majority of wedded couples (66%) claim that they have attained equal levels of education. The report also stated that forty four per cent of marriages involved both partners being in work, which could back up the commonly held belief that people often wait until their financial situation is right before entering into marriage.

Among the other statistics in this official report issued by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia is the unsurprising fact that a vast majority of Serbia’s marriages (92%) were to people of the same nationality.

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