Marcella Detroit Records Song to Inspire Love, Faith & Hope for Belgrade Pride

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MArcella Detroit Wild Rooster Belgrade Pride Love Faith and HopeAmerican singing sensation Marcella Detroit has written a song to raise awareness and support for Belgrade Pride. The successful solo performer, who achieved international fame with the million-selling band Shakespear’s Sister, was so moved by the theme for this year’s Pride events that she penned a song called Love, Faith and Hope  [listen here].

The potential for empowerment that can be found within these words inspired Marcella to pick up her guitar and compose an original song as a heartfelt message of encouragement and support to all those who live in fear or prejudice just because of how they live, love or look.

Marcella took inspiration for the song, Love, Faith and Hope, from the courage of the LGBT community in Serbia and the Western Balkans and their hopes for a better future. Click here to listen.

“I felt tremendously inspired by the words love, faith and hope,’ said Marcella. “I thought, this is so beautiful, so simple. So instead of a few words, I wrote a song for the cause. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge advocate of gay rights and human rights. I only strive for equality for all, whoever they are and whatever they believe.  So the song is called Love, Faith and Hope and is dedicated to the LGBT community in Serbia and the LGBT community all over the world.”

Singing Stars Moved To Support Belgrade Pride

Many people have recognised the power and beauty in these three simple words chosen as the theme to this year’s Pride: Love, Faith and Hope. Marcella Detroit has joined a growing number of multi-million selling international musicians such as Cyndi Lauper, Kim Wilde and Holly Johnson, who have come forward in solidarity with Serbia’s LGBT community who intend to exercise their right to walk side by side on the streets of their own capital city.

Rather than writing a letter in support of Belgrade Pride, Marcella felt that she could put herself across more effectively in a new song. “I have always been a strong supporter of the lgbt community,’ said Marcella. “I’m very honored to have been asked to contribute.” Inspiration for the song came after a conversation with organisers of Belgrade Pride 2012, when the importance of Love, Faith and Hope came through to her. The resulting song has a positive, sing-along vibe and lyrics that call for people to see beyond the little differences and ‘let love lead the way’.

In making such a generous gesture towards LGBT people in Serbia and all those living in fear of bullying and abuse, Marcella is reminding the community that they are not alone in their struggles. These messages are more than merely support from international personalities willing to back a cause. For many people in Serbia’s LGBT community, the fact that these well-known people, such as Stephen Fry, Miriam Margolyes and Alan Cumming, are speaking up in solidarity provides valuable encouragement to go on with their own personal struggles, strengthened in the knowledge that they have friends and the world is watching.

Marcella Detroit: From Lay Down Sally to The Vehicle

Marcella is well versed in having to stand her ground, having spent many years in the international music industry. She co-wrote the timeless classic Lay Down Sally for Eric Clapton and toured with his band. Since becoming an international star with Shakespear’s Sister and being the driving presence in their hit StayMarcella has released four solo albums. She has also recorded with Aretha Franklin, Elton John and Bette Midler and has written songs for artists such as Belinda Carlisle and Chaka Khan. Marcella will release a new album, The Vehicle, in coming months.

Marcella Detroit Marcy Levy

Love, Faith and Hope is available via SoundCloudYouTube and iTunes.  Click here to listen or here to download.

Love, Faith and Hope  
by Marcella Detroit 
[all rights protected by copyright and publishing]
Just open up your mind
Kiss your fear goodbye
When you reach deep down inside
You will find love, faith and hope 


The Belgrade Pride Parade is scheduled for Saturday 6 October, subject to authority.

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