Strong Family Bonds Encourage Young Serb Luka Raco to Chase his Dreams

20 November, 2012 News, Society 3 comments

Wild Rooster Mr Serbia Marcus AgarLoving parents and a strong family upbringing have encouraged Luka Raco to follow his dreams. As testament to the positive influence of his family, Luka’s dreams have led him to Bangkok, where he will represent Serbia at the Mister International contest, this weekend. “I can proudly say that I have amazing parents and we are a very loving family,’ Luka told Wild Rooster.

“Without their help and good will I couldn’t achieve anything. My father is the greatest man I know. He is a man who does everything for his family. He is the man I would like to become.”

Luka is an only child who lives at home with his parents, Rista and Radmila. Thoughts of them will be with Luka when he competes on Saturday night. “When I walk out at the final, I will think about my family, my friends and try to picture the look on their faces, their happiness for me. That will motivate me to do my best,’ he said.

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Balkan Manhood Put to the Test at Two International Contests

20 November, 2012 News, Society No comments

Gjorgi Filipov MacedoniaBalkan manhood will be put to the test when representatives from five ex-YU states will take to the stage in two international contests. While the Balkans has long been well known for its wealth of female beauty, the fine young men of the region sometimes feel that they have been overlooked somewhat. That could all change, this weekend, as the world is treated to not one but two showcases for modern masculinity.

Vanja Grgec (Croatia) and Zlatan Duratovic (Bosnia) will compete in the Mr World contest, which is taking place in Kent, the garden of England. In a series of challenges, the search for the world’s most desirable man has seen national representatives from 48 countries tackling mud-caked sporting trials, as well as revealing their talents for singing, dance and martial arts. All the fun will come to a head on 24 November, when the young men will take to a stage for the final judging.

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The EU is Our Only Future, says Kosovo’s Deputy PM

Kosovo’s future is as a full member of the European Union, Deputy Prime Minister Mimoza Kusari-Lila said during a visit to London, this week. “Kosovo sees no other future apart from EU integration,’ she told an audience of academics and diplomats at the London School of Economics.

After the latest progress report was delivered earlier this week, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule visited Priština to confirm to Kosovo that the path to Brussels is theirs for the taking. He told Prime Minister Hashim Thaci that there are no legal obstacles to prevent Kosovo joining the EU and, if they knuckle down to institutional reform, talks on the EU’s Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) could begin as early as the first half of next year.

“Kosovo is still firm and determined towards its EU integration path,’ said Mrs Kusari-Lila. “What is very important is that objectives on this are clear.

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Serbia’s Trade With Kosovo in Decline, Leaving Balkan Neighbours To Step In

Kosovo Serbia Trade Mimoza Kursi Wild RoosterSerbian imports to Kosovo have dropped by a quarter and the country is no longer seen as a principal trading partner, Kosovo’s Trade and Industry Minister Mimoza Kusari-Lila told academics and diplomats at the LSE in London. But declining imports from Serbia have not left shelves empty as neighbouring states moved fast to benefit from Serbia’s 25% drop in exports to Kosovo.

“We have increased our trade exchanges with Albania, with Turkey and with Croatia because we were getting space left by Serbian products when we stopped the flow of goods from Serbia into Kosovo,’ said Mrs Kusari-Lila, adding that Macedonia is now Kosovo’s biggest regional trading partner.

Serbia is not a principal trade partner to Kosovo. But we do need the Serbian territory for our trucks to pass through because it is the easier access to the EU market. Trade with Serbia has declined and, to be honest, I thought it was about time.

“It was about time to have this kind of consequence to the negative policy they had towards Kosovo.”

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