Lady Gaga gets a taste for Belgrade

Lady Gaga BelgradeBelgrade has boldly carved a name for itself as a year-round party capital where anything goes and everything is possible.

This is just the type of place for an international superstar to let her hair down.

So it came as no surprise that, when Lady Gaga flew into Belgrade to visit her fiancé Taylor Kinney who is filming there, she was irresistibly drawn to Belgrade’s exclusive dining and clubbing hotspots.

After all, this is a woman who loves to party.

International media has splashed paparazzi shots of Gaga enjoying the best of Belgrade.

She has been pictured enjoying romantic moments with Taylor beside the Danube, leaving restaurants and enjoying cosy drinks. All very cosy, all very managed.

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Amira Medunjanin gives London charity concert for Our Kids in Bosnia

Amira Our KidsDisadvantaged children in Bosnia are being given the chance of a better future, thanks to a UK-based charity that makes a lasting difference to the lives of disabled, orphaned and less fortunate young people.

Bosnian songbird Amira Medunjanin will fly to Britain for a concert (9 May) to raise awareness and cash to help sustain the valuable work of the charity, Our Kids.

Our Kids works with education experts, volunteers and over-stretched families to ensure that vulnerable children with special needs receive sustainable care, a tailored education and community support to avoid them being lost in Bosnia’s under-resourced and poorly funded care system.

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Refugee children of Balkan wars are cursed, says Serbian actor Nikola Rakocevic

Nikola Rakocevic TravelatorRefugee children of the Balkan wars living in camps on the outskirts of Belgrade are cursed by the burden of their parents’ troubled past blackening any hopes for a better life said prominent award-winning Serbian actor Nikola Rakocevic.

“It is a really strange experience in the camps,’ said Nikola,’ who spent time with people in these long-term encampments outside of Belgrade during filming for his latest film Travelator.

“These people have lost all hope, lost everything.

“Their kids were not born in Croatia or Bosnia, they were born in Serbia. But in these camps, these six-year-old children, born in Serbia,  are still refugees. It is like they are cursed. There is no way out for them.

“They try to be happy, try to be children, but they can’t even manage that because everything is so hopeless.

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Could QR codes join candles and rakia at Balkan gravesides?

Rakia Grave Balkans SerbiaIt can be interesting to see how different cultures deal with death and the issues of loss and remembrance.

Losing someone close is bound to be unsettling but how we handle the aftermath and go on living is reflective of the people we are, the values we hold true and the society in which we live.

Graveside rituals and memorials can ensure that families are neither out of sight nor out of mind.

In the Balkans, death and loss never seems too far away.

Cemeteries of various denominations, black and white memorials on fence posts and photos of lost loved ones on the mantelpiece in homes across the Balkans all provide succour for those left behind.

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