Belgrade director Filip Kovačević delivers stylish Serbian action film Incarnation

incarnation-posterWith his debut feature, Incarnation, young Serbian director Filip Kovačević has crafted a visually striking thriller that can stand proud among Hollywood equals.

Incarnation, which premieres to an international audience at London’s Raindance Film Festival (28 September), is a fast-paced actioner that poses universal questions about identity, accountability and our perception of reality.

The story starts with a disoriented young man (Stojan Djordjević) waking up on a city bench, and immediately being set upon and killed by four masked assassins.

Repeatedly waking up on the same bench, he stretches the loop ever further, as he battles to outrun the anonymous killers, recover his identity and discover who has set him up.

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Serbian heartthrob Slaven Doslo thrills in Panama

Panama Poster In an age when quantity trumps quality and lives can be judged on the number of Facebook likes, commitment-averse teens have reduced sex to a numbers game.

That is a premise for Panama, the debut feature from Serbian director Pavle Vucković, starring Serbia’s hottest screen star Slaven Došlo.

The film, which screened to positive reviews at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and has attracted attention for its steamy sex scenes, receives its premiere in Belgrade, this week (Wednesday, 21 October).

Slaven, aged 24, takes the lead in this dark look at a hedonistic whirl of porn-fuelled experiences and no-ties sex replacing genuine interest in other people.

But while social media can be the conduit to these self-gratifying hook-ups, it can also waken age-old vices such as jealousy, pride and greed.

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Serbia’s solar pioneers make London smarter

Strawberry Smart Bench Canary WharfLondon’s streets have been made a little smarter, thanks to a young team of solar pioneers from Belgrade.

Strawberry Energy has brought its award-winning range of smart street furniture to the capital, with visitors to the Canary Wharf business park being first to enjoy the benefits of free solar energy to charge their mobile phones and devices.

Four of the benches have been installed at Jubilee Park, Cabot Square, Westferry Circus, and in front of Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf.

As well as powering-up mobiles, tablets and portable music players, the Strawberry Smart Benches track air quality and noise levels in the area and include an emergency call button linked to the Canary Wharf security team.

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Organ harvesting film from first-time director Branko Tomovic

BrankoTomovic G3599.jpg copyOrgan harvesting in the criminal underground is the gruesome subject of the directorial debut of London-based Serb actor Branko Tomovic.

The star of 24: Live Another Day, The Bourne Ultimatum and Brad Pitt’s WWII tank story Fury, co-wrote the dark thriller with young writer Paul D. Clancy.

The film is a character study about Niklas, a tormented and guilt-ridden surgeon who targets the clients of young prostitute Mia to harvest organs for the ‘red market.

“Niklas is a troubled character with a complicated past,’ said Branko. “He is a loner, a man of few words.

“He exists in the shadows like a hit man, performing his job with cold precision, but he has grown to hate himself for the man he has become.”

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