Director Stevan Filipovic announces Serbian film sequel: Next to Us (trailer)

Acclaimed Serbian director STEVAN FILIPOVIĆ will challenge a society of shifting morals and questionable values with his highly anticipated movie sequel NEXT TO US (Pored Nas).

Characters who were locked in school without phones in Stevan’s Serbian feature hit NEXT TO ME (Pored Mene) make their dramatic return.

But this time we they will be seen in a significantly more extreme story that fast-forwards the students into tough and unfamiliar territory.

Set seven years after that classroom lock-in, the old friends each step out of their variously colourful (and sometimes shady) lives to take part in a new reality TV show, ‘Natural Selection’, set in the wilderness.

“In Next to Me we removed the protagonists from their natural habitat by denying them access to internet and mobile phones,’ said Stevan Filipović.

“In Next to Us, we take it up a notch: not only is technology unavailable, but they have been displaced from an urban area to be abandoned in the wild.

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