Energy, charisma and range place Serbian Nikola Rakočević among Europe’s finest actors

Nikola Rakocevic profileHailed by industry experts as a leading talent of European cinema, Serbian actor Nikola Rakocevic can count himself among the ranks of World-leading European actors.

As well as enjoying success as one of the Balkan’s foremost young actors with lead roles in acclaimed Serbian films including Circles/Krugovi (2013), Skinning/Šišanje (2010) and The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip/Branio sam Mladu Bosnu (2014), Nikola has attracted international interest.

In recent months, cinema audiences have seen this actor from central Serbia extend his repertoire with his first English-language role in Travelator (2014) from director Dušan Milić.

Nikola’s latest film The Sky Above Us from first-time Dutch director Marinus Groothof premiered at Rotterdam’s International Film Festival,  last month.

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