Time has come for the Nation of Tesla

NationofTesla1Nikola Tesla’s legacy is woefully undervalued and his influence on future generations deserves to be more widely recognised and remembered worldwide.

That is the strongly held view of award winning Serbian filmmaker Zeljko Mirković, who plans to cement the man’s influence in The Nation of Tesla, a film about the role of Serbs in the great American story (www.OptimisticFilm.com).

“Tesla is not taken as seriously as he should be, especially in America and outside of Serbia,’ the documentary director told Wild Rooster.

Tesla stands for freedom of ideas, freedom of mind and endless possibilities to make Earth better for all people.

“He fought for free energy and for free communication, both of which are important parts of true freedom, but most people are unaware of his ongoing and significant impact on their lives.”

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Vasko Lipovac cyclists on display in London

vasko lipovac Cyclus LondonAs the British leg of the Tour de France becomes a faint memory, the sight of one group of brightly coloured cyclists still lights up the City of London, thanks to the Croatian Embassy and the British-Croatian Society.

Unveiled by the Croatian Ambassador to London Ivan Grdesic as part of Broadgate’s Summer of Sport, the Cyclus display shows a group of adults and children enjoying the thrill of the road.

At first glance, these plump and rounded riders by award-winning artist Vasko Lipovac are not the usual sporty type.

But a closer look shows them to be full of life and real character.

Fans of  Lipovac’s work will be very familiar with his work, although most Londoners will be pleased simply by the smiles that these sculptures evoke.

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Bosnian horror of good tainted by evil

seven terrors coverA psychological horror story set in the dark days of the Balkan conflict of the early 1990s might not be everyone’s most appealing premise for a book, especially from a debut author.

But in the hands of Bosnian author Selvedin Avdić it becomes a haunting tale of loss, human suffering and a constant battle to hold back the tides of evil.

Selvedin’s acclaimed debut novel, Seven Terrors, has the unsettling power to conjure chilling images and disturbing characters that linger long after the lights have gone out.

This is a genuine old fashioned horror story but also unlike the teenage fear fodder or psycho killer thrillers that publishers seem to love so much (for the money they rake in, of course).

This story starts in 2005 when the unnamed narrator wakes from nine months of self-imposed sleep, seemingly brought on by his wife leaving him.

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