International relief pours in to aid Balkan flood victims

Floods5People across Europe and beyond have heard the call from the natural disaster hitting the Balkans, digging deep in their pockets to support flood victims in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.

Truck loads of nappies, shoes, hygiene products, tinned food and bottled water have been driven across the continent from countries including England, Sweden and Germany, taking much-needed relief to the thousands who have been made homeless by the deluge.

The European Union has  promised substantial aid to benefit those in immediate need and to prevent future flooding, while countries including Norway, Austria, Russia, Belarus, Romania and the Netherlands have sent financial or physical aid.

So far, the British Government has not announced any financial donation, although experts anticipate that support from the UK will come when it is required for the clean up and rebuild of the country.

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I want to film in Serbia, says Branko Tomovic, star of 24: Live Another Day

x Branko Tomovic (Photo Laura Radford) cropped 2Europe has so much to offer an actor, including some of the biggest US-productions that now choose to film in the UK, London-based Serb actor Branko Tomovic told Wild Rooster.

Currently in London filming major US TV action series 24: Live Another Day, the latest outing for Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer, Branko is no stranger to working on international productions.

He recently wrapped on forthcoming WWII film Fury alongside Brad Pitt, which was also shot in the UK.

Indeed, Branko’s ambitions in cinema are focused on Europe, rather than America, as he explained. “I never really had that Hollywood dream. I love Europe and European cinema.

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Kiefer Sutherland makes me lose the plot, says 24 star Branko Tomovic

Branko Tomovic (Photo Laura Radford) 8 cropped copyEven the most focused actors can be distracted in the presence of those who are at the top of their game, as Branko Tomović discovered while filming alongside Kiefer Sutherland in Jack Bauer’s long-awaited return in 24: Live Another Day.

“I absolutely enjoy working with Kiefer,’ London-based Serb Branko Tomovic told Wild Rooster. “He is a brilliant and fantastic actor.

“He is so great, so focused and intelligent, which I absolutely admire, and also such a wonderful person. I really enjoy working with him so much. I find him so fascinating to watch that I actually sometimes forget that I am in the scene as well and have to act!

“I also have a lot of scenes with Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays Chloe in the series. She is absolutely wonderful and great fun to work with as well.”

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