International Serbian Star Marija Karan Joins the Most Anticipated Film in the Balkans

Marija Karan TESLASerbian actress Marija Karan will embody the feelings of the many women who fell for the charms of celebrated Serb scientist Nikola Tesla, when she joins the cast of the biopic, TESLA.

The well-loved actress who has been made a star through a string of film and TV roles in her native Serbia, as well as in Hollywood films such as The Rite, is thrilled to join the cast of award winners.

“I am eager to start shooting on this film about our most prominent scientist,’ said Marija, who will shoot in Serbia, alongside Branko Tomović as Nikola Tesla, and with dialogue in Serbian.

“Michael Anton has written a script that is authentic and honest. I like that he felt a need to understand the importance of Tesla’s origin as an immigrant in the US who, despite all problems, remained true to himself and persistent. This is not a typical American film.”

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Hristina Popović will play Nikola Tesla’s sister in biopic

Hristina PopovicHristina Popović, the acclaimed star of celebrated films Circles and The Parade (Parada), is the latest addition to a cast of award-winners for the Nikola Tesla biopic, TESLA (@TeslaTheMovie).

Hristina, who has become a familiar name at international film festivals for lauded roles in some of the Balkans biggest movies, will play Tesla’s sister Angelina in the most talked-about film in the Balkans.

Most recently, Hristina, aged 31, has impressed audiences and critics for her role in Circles / Krugovi, from director Srdjan Golubović. As well as being awarded at the Berlin Film Festival, this film based on the tragic story of a young Bosnian Serb Srdjan Aleksić, won the Audience Award at the Sofia International Film Festival, and the Special Jury Prize at America’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Serbian Actress Mirjana Karanovic Joins Nikola Tesla Biopic, TESLA

Mirjana Karanovic TESLASerbian actress to play Nikola Tesla’s mother in TESLA, the most talked-about film in the Balkans. Mirjana Karanović will star alongside acclaimed Serb actor Branko Tomović as the great scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla. @TeslaTheMovie

Celebrated Serbian actress Mirjana Karanović (Grbavica/Esma’s Secret) has joined the cast of TESLA (@TeslaTheMovie), the Nikola Tesla biopic that is scheduled to shoot in Serbia and the United States, in the autumn. She will play Djuka, the hardworking Serbian mother who had a big influence on the inventive instincts of the young Nikola.

“It is quite a small role in the film, but Djuka played a very significant role in the life of Nikola Tesla,’ said Mirjana. “She helped to define who he was. It really is an honour for me to play this hardworking woman who brought up such a strong and interesting family.”

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US Director Changes Film Title to Honour Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

BranKo Tomovic Nikola TeslaThe overwhelming reception for his forthcoming biopic about Nikola Tesla has led American director Michael Anton to deliver a new name to sum up the iconic nature of the man and his unique legacy.

“Nikola Tesla does not need a controversial label,’ said Michael Anton. “The fact that his name is not as familiar as it should be is one of the issues we intend to address with this film, which has progressed from a strong script with a modest budget into a potential voice that will finally break the great silence that is the history of Nikola Tesla.

“From now on, this film will be simply titled TESLA. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The new title (@TeslaTheMovie), announced on the anniversary of Tesla’s birth, reflects the iconic nature of the man and his legacy.

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