Discover Belgrade on Two Wheels: Why Not?

While Serbia has been bathed in baking sun, with temperatures hitting the mid thirties plus as a matter of course, people have been seeking out new ways to escape the unrelenting heat. Cities can be horrid in such oppressive temperatures and Belgrade is no exception. But while some people are visibly folding under the stifling heat, this fine start to the summer has led to more enjoying the shade of the parks and the packed terraces of the city’s coolest riverside cafes and bars. Others are also rediscovering the childhood pleasure of striking out on two wheels and are enjoying the refreshing cycle paths along Belgrade’s sweeping waterways.

Cycling is a pleasurable pursuit that can be beneficial to mind, body and soul. Clearly, it is good exercise, but it is also a lot of fun. It clears the head of life’s usual worries. A bike is not only practical and saves on petrol or taxi costs, it also opens up areas of the countryside that might otherwise remain undiscovered. For decades, people have enjoyed the restorative effects of cycling, getting out into the countryside to enjoy open nature.

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Getting Behind The Red, White And Blue

Britain is having a party and the World is invited. The summer-long celebrations kicked off in spectacular style with grand events to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (after a false start at last week’s Eurovision) and will continue through to the closing of the London 2012 Paralympic Games in September. Towns and villages up and down the country have been swept up in Jubilee fever, with virtually every high street bedecked in enough Union bunting and banners to raise even the coolest spirit.

If there was a time to see Britain in full glory, this is it. London is ablaze with red, white and blue, festooned in flags to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and to welcome athletes and visitors to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Events like these whip up a great atmosphere and much of the country will rejoice at street parties or barbecues, lunch with family or down the pub with friends.

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