Nikola Tesla To Be Celebrated In London

The life and work of Nikola Tesla will be celebrated in London, thanks to the efforts of a British Serb with a personal mission to place the great scientist back in the limelight. “Tesla is widely overlooked for his achievements and we want to contribute to correcting that situation,’ event organiser Milica Brkic told Wild Rooster. “Teaching can often avoid mention of the vital role he played in the development of so much technology that we take for granted. We want to be part of the change that will see Tesla achieve the recognition he deserves.”

A series of exhibitions, talks and screenings is being brought together, in collaboration with London’s Embassy of the Republic of Serbia and the Museum of Nikola Tesla, Belgrade, to broaden awareness of Tesla and his work. The launch of this programme will be in London on 10 July, which would have been Tesla’s 156th birthday.

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Nikola Tesla Story Told In Two New Films

The greatest Serb scientist Nikola Tesla and his many important discoveries will receive a new audience, thanks to not one but two new films about the great man and his life. Limited international awareness about Tesla allows for both films, although the big budget Tesla, Ruler of the World from Serbian screenwriter Vladimir Rajčić and two-times Oscar-winning Croatian producer Branko Lustig (Schindler’s List and Gladiator) is likely to win at the box office.

Batman actor Christian Bale has been linked to this big screen project since February 2011, when internet rumours first circulated about his appearance in a Tesla biopic. Before Bale was associated to the role, Vladimir Rajčić, himself an actor, was said to be in line to play Tesla. Croatian actor Rade Šerbedžija and Lolita Davidović, a Canadian actress of Serbian descent, will feature in major roles.

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British Serb Campaign To Buy A Giraffe For Belgrade

Leading British Serb fundraisers Charlie Nikolić and his brother Djordje have taken on a new project to buy giraffe for Belgrade Zoo. But animal lovers are not the only ones being asked to cough up the cash, because these two men are dipping into their own pockets, committing to double any donation with money of their own.

Charlie and Djordje were moved to raise the €8,000 required to buy a new giraffe for Belgrade Zoo, after hearing that the zoo’s previous much-loved giraffe Zare died quite recently. The death of Zare left the cash-strapped zoo without one of the world’s most impressive animals and, with very little funds and limited resources, unable to replace it with another giraffe.

All that is set to change, thanks to these British Serb brothers, who have found a zoo in the Czech Republic that is willing to sell a giraffe to Belgrade. “This initiative is very close to my heart and to my family,’ Charlie told Wild Rooster. “Zare was our favourite giraffe and animal with whom we have had many happy moments as youngsters and in recent years.

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Belgrade Pride Places Faith In Three Little Words

Love, faith and hope: three universal human values that Belgrade Pride organisers hope will encourage greater positive interest in the lives, rights and issues of Serbia’s gay community. Working beneath this banner, they intend to present Pride as a meter by which to measure civil rights, freedom and democracy in the country.

In an effort to move forward from last year, when Serbia’s government slammed an internationally condemned ban on a proposed parade through Belgrade, Pride chiefs have opted for a more approachable Ljubav, Vera, Nada re-brand, hopeful that people from across society will come together to encourage understanding, allay hatred and reduce prejudice of LGBT people in Serbia.

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