The Olympics: It’s More Than Just Tennis

The Olympic torch has been lit in a quaint mock-traditional ceremony in Greece, marking the start of the final countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The torch will now travel to Britain to begin its tour around our cities, towns and villages. Finally, the Games are almost upon us, after what seems like an endless build up that has already seen many people jaded about the whole event. Although I can sympathise with that feeling, I am still quite excited about the Games. That is despite not having been lucky in the lottery to buy tickets. Like most people, I will have to content myself with an armchair view of proceedings. Knowing that it is all going on just a few miles from my home will make events a little unreal, but I will be cheering on Team GB, enjoying the national fervour, and probably complaining about the inevitable traffic chaos across London.

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Can Change Be As Good As A Rest?

Change can be as good as a rest, it is often said. That is all well and good, of course, and it is true that breaking the routine can definitely help you out of a rut. Springtime is notorious for prompting us to clean out cupboards, both physical and metaphorical. Something about seeing the first green shoots of spring wakes us from the stupor of winter and encourages us to take a new broom to our lives. What we seem to forget about this same time last year is, while the results should be worth the effort, change can be quite tiring and far from restful.

There are many changes afoot in our home. After about twelve years in the same place, We have embarked on our first major home improvement project: To make our living space more appealing we are remodeling our average three-bed semi into a comfortable four-bed home with larger rooms and more natural light.

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