Take the Leap & Make it Count

27 February, 2012 Opinion No comments

As we become more time-starved and live more hectic lives, it is increasingly common to wish for a little extra time to get things done, to tick off the boxes on our action lists. But if we had more time, would we really make it count or would we just stretch our activities to fill the time void? There is always more to do and, if we have become good at one thing, it is prevaricating. We always think there is another day. Sometimes that is not the case.

This came to mind especially this week, as we prepare for the extra day that is added to our calendar every four years: January 29. Being a Wednesday, most of us will simply continue our usual routine of work or study, almost unaware of the date, but that should not prevent us from marking this Leap Year by doing something special or out of the ordinary.

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