Serbia’s Montevideo Cast Reunites For Sequel & Accompanying TV Series

The team behind Serbia’s most successful movie Montevideo, Bog Te Video is banking on success to breed success as they get underway on the much-anticipated sequel and a TV series. First-time director Dragan Bjelogrlic has called the original cast of young actors and established faces of Serbian cinema to pick up where the hit film left off. W!LD RooSTeR was invited on set to speak with the actors and director about the film’s success and their plans for the follow-up.

Travelling by tram and bus to a dilapidated railway yard on the outskirts of Belgrade, I was ready for a lot of sitting around. Film sets are not exciting places, with a lot of waiting around in cold spaces as scenes are re-set, re-lit and re-dressed. Usually that is dead time. Not so on the set of Montevideo, where the on-screen atmosphere seeps through the celluloid to real life.

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It Pays To Trust in Business

Trust, reliability and assurance are key factors in the growth and success of any brand, regardless of size. That we also look for these traits in our closest friends bears testament to their validity. But too often these softer elements are perceived as poor relations to price, positioning and product, and can be dismissed as collateral damage in the ongoing race to achieve trading targets.

Such an attitude is shortsighted and wrong. I believe that faith, dependability and confidence are essential to any brand. They can attract the repeat business and word of mouth recommendation required to move a brand ahead of the competition. As the building blocks of a brand’s personality, they can ensure that customers get more from their dealings with a business. Likeable brand traits attract and retain high value customers: that is a fact.

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Opinions, Like Rules, Are Made To Be Challenged

17 October, 2011 Culture 3 comments

In Serbia, people are naturally very opinionated. They seem to have a tendency to see things as being clean cut and without any moral ambiguity. Quite commonly their views are set in stone and any discussion, if you can get that far, will make little difference. Everything is seen as either black or white, with little breathing space allowed for the rainbow of diversity in opinions or viewpoints.

Usually the basis for such set views is not because of an evaluation of information or a willingness to see the perspective from both sides. More often it is not even borne of any insight or consideration of there being another side to the issue. At best it is because an ingrained opinion has been accepted at face value and has served its purpose for generations. At worst it is because people have soaked up the propaganda spread by interested parties, taking as gospel whatever ruling best fits their needs, values or religious leanings. 

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A Swarm of Bloggers Descends on Northern Serbia

17 October, 2011 Culture 2 comments

A chatter of bloggers, a swarm of social media, or a flock of Twitter: Whatever the collective noun, 250 of the Balkan region’s leading and most prominent bloggers and social media drivers came together in Novi Sad, Serbia, for the fourth annual BlogOpen. The great and the good of Balkan blogging discussed, debated and shared insight on the future of social media and the uses and issues faced in the region.

The Balkan blogosphere enjoyed two full days of thought-provoking presentations from international trailblazers in social media and the digital world. While most attendees came from the ex-YU states, keynote speakers were largely culled from beyond Balkan borders, providing the blogging masterclass with an international perspective and tapping into a broad pool of experience and knowledge.

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