All Roads Lead to Belgrade – Even If They Are Jammed

I am probably not telling you anything that you do not already know: Traffic in Belgrade is a nightmare. Anyone who has driven in the Serbian capital is likely to be nodding in agreement with my statement. What is more difficult for me to appreciate is why the traffic is quite so bad, why Belgrade is notorious for gridlock in the city and congestion on its bridges. 

Even with the extravagant new bridges across the Sava, traffic snarl-ups are still commonplace at extended peak times. Heavy traffic has become such a norm that drivers seem to have accepted it as a part of daily life. 

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Picture Perfect Memories

There is something wonderful and romantic about old postcards. They are windows into a different world, or rather, a world before our time. The energy associated with the process of choosing, writing and sending these evocative snapshots of a frozen moment is entirely positive.

Each card has been picked out and paid for with the intention of using it to carry caring thoughts to friends or family. In that sense, postcards might have fallen from favour, but they still embody feelings far more than sending an email.

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Legendary Director Emir Kusturica & His Band Perform At London Jazz Festival

The London Jazz Festival will have audiences rocking in the aisles when legendary Serb film director Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra hit town for a mind-blowing concertof gypsy punk mayhem. In a coup for the Festival, Kusturica and his troupe of musical rebels will bring the house down with a rare one-off performance at the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday, 19 November.

Emir Kusturica is best known as the acclaimed director of a catalogue of (often farcical) Balkan classic movies: Underground, Do You Remember Dolly Bell, When Father Was Away On Business, Life Is A MiracleBlack Cat, White Cat, as well as the US film Arizona DreamSince joining The No Smoking Orchestra of irrepressible musicians in 1998, Kusturicahas taken their raucous performances to new extremes.

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Novak Djoković Lines Up To Play A Serbian Hero In His Cinema Debut

19 October, 2011 Culture 5 comments

Serbian tennis ace Novak Djoković could be splashed on the big screen playing national hero Nikola Tesla, if he wins the role he covets in the sequel to his country’s biggest movie smash, Montevideo, Bog Te Video. During an interview in Belgrade, director Dragan Bjelogrlic revealed to W!LD RooSTeR that Nole recently called him to ask for a role in the forthcoming film.

“We have the strong idea for Novak Djoković to play Nikola Tesla in this film, because they look very similar,’ said Dragan. “He is a big fan of the first part. He called me and said, ‘look, I would like to act in the second part’. I said, of course, you could play Tesla. We are negotiating right now but it is difficult to find free time because he is now at the top. I am not sure if it will be possible but we are all trying to make it happen. Everything is difficult.”

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