Go Wild In The Country

5 September, 2011 Opinion No comments

My curiosity was struck recently by a typically quirky story of the type that regularly features in tabloids and at the end of news shows worldwide. This report involved a plucky pensioner who pulled herself out of a deep well. Using only her bare hands, the eighty-year-old woman had to scramble out of the eleven-metre well after she fell in while trying to fetch water at her home in the southern Serbian village of Ivanje.

It appears that this elderly woman got out of the situation a little shaken but not at all stirred by her dilemma. After climbing back to dry land, the unperturbed Visiljka Lazović said, “I got fed up with waiting for someone to come and rescue me. It was getting cold so I climbed out myself.” Apparently it is true what that say: they don’t make them like that anymore.

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Montevideo Will Represent Serbia At Oscars 2012

1 September, 2011 Culture 1 comment

Montevideo, Bog Te Video (God Bless You) has been chosen as Serbia’s representative at the Oscars in 2012. The smash hit film that tells the nostalgic and highly stylised story of Serbia’s path to the first World Cup Final in Uruguay, won the honour in stiff competition against other Serbian language films released in 2011.

Since its release at the start of the year, this warm and heartening tale has gone on to be Serbia’s highest grossing film. Director Dragan Bjelogrlić will compete in the Foreign Language category at the 84th American Academy Awards in Los Angeles, on 26 February 2012. The film is rich in period atmosphere and heavy on compassion and national pride. Starring Miloš Biković, Petar Strugar, Nina Janković, Danina Jeftić and Milutin Karadzić, it is based on a book by sports journalist Vladimir Stanković.

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