Royal Approval For Novak Đoković As He Enters Wimbledon History

Novak Đoković has been granted royal approval as he prepares for an epic centre court clash with Spain’s Rafael Nadal to claim the top title in tennis, the Wimbledon Men’s Championship. 

Like millions across the world, Serbia’s Crown Prince Alexander is likely to be glued to the TV on Sunday, watching the newly-crowned World’s Number One challenge current champ Rafa.

The 24-year-old sports ace has performed at the top of his game all season, clocking up a marathon 43-match unbeaten streak and steadily winning his way to his first Wimbledon Final. 

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Wannabe Magazine: From Community Project To Publishing Phenomenon

An online fashion and lifestyle magazine in Serbia is turning the publishing world on its head and picking up readers and awards in doing so. Fuelled by a focussed use of social media and sheer creative spark, Wannabe Magazine has become a publishing phenomenon that is shaking up a storm, less than a year into its existence.

Wannabe Magazine is an innovative community publishing project based in Belgrade. Set up in September 2010, the online magazine has a team of more than 100 young writers, designers and photographers, fronted by the charismatic media mastermind Lazar Stojkovic and his co-founders Nina Fićović (fashion editor) and Nađa Jokanović (editor-in-chief). The three of them bootstrapped the project and they are yet to see any money in return.

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