Politicians and Royals Stay True To EU Ambitions While Public Support Wanes

Serbia’s leaders remain steadfast in their ambitions to join the expanding ranks of the Europe Union, while public support for EU membership has fallen to a nine-year low.

Europe represents the key to a brighter future for Serbia, attracting foreign investment, improving living standards and presenting fresh opportunities for young people. That is according the Crown Prince Alexander, who stands alongside president Boris Tadic in his public support for Serbia’s advance down the road to the EU. 

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Republika Srpska Is A ‘Debatable’ State That Needs To Be Sorted Out, Says Serbia’s Heir To The Karađorđević Throne

The Karađorđević heir to the kings of all Serbs has declared Republika Srpska as a ‘debatable’ state that needs to be sorted out. In an interview with W!LD RooSTeR when he spoke optimistically about Serbia’s future ambitions as a member of the European Union, Crown Prince Alexander II said discussions are needed with Serbia’s partners to determine the stability and future of the Bosnian-Serb political entity.

“It is a state that is debatable, a protectorate of the European Union,’ he said. “One really wonders about them, and we have to sort that out. Maybe being a member of the European Union we can put our view in on how the shape should take place with our partners. Our partners are now going to be Croatia and others members of the European Union.”

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Serbs Are Turning New Pages, Crown Prince Alexander Says

Despite the obvious trappings of privilege and heritage, Serbia’s historic Karađorđević family is not unlike many others who have to find their way in a modern world that dictates that children travel, study and marry beyond their usual borders. In that way, at least, Serbia’s Royal Family is like many others, with footholds in Belgrade, Britain and the United States.

While his son’s remain unmarried, Crown Prince Alexander II has seen them travel widely to establish successful lives and businesses. Eldest son Prince Peter lives and works as a graphic designer in Chicago, while Prince Philip works in the London financial world and his twin brother Alexander is in internet publishing in California. 

“We are a very close family and the boys come here to the Palace often,’ he said. “But, with such a big family, it falls on me to ensure that the family remains together.”

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Gypsy Boy on the Run: Mikey Walsh Delivers Another Killer Blow

Gypsy boy Mikey Walsh is back to share in stories of his troubled teens and turbulent twenties, witness his painful experiences of first love and explore his anguish at growing up. Recalling the tears and laughter of emotional impact delivered by his previous book, it would be foolish not to accept an invitation like that.

The charismatic author of the Sunday Times bestseller and international hit Gypsy Boy, has picked up the pen again to lay bare his pain, heartache and anguish during a life on the run. All sprinkled with the Mikey charm that has made him such a literary and social media phenomenon, of course.

Picking up where his previous book left off, as Mikey makes his great escape from a miserable traveller’s life of beatings and abuse from his gypsy king father, Gypsy Boy on the Run is out of the blocks and picking up the pace from page one.

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