The Brightest Stars Burn For The Shortest Time: Remembering Amy

Much has been said about the turbulent life of Amy Winehouse, who died at home on Saturday, 23 July, and a great deal of rumour about her tragic death is sure to surface in coming months. What should not be forgotten amid all this speculation is the incredible musical inheritance that has been bequeathed to us by a supremely talented and exceptional artist.

It is fair to say that Amy Winehouse generated a strong reaction in people. Her army of fans were dedicated to supporting Amy through all her turbulence and misadventure as much as for her music. She appeared to be attracted to a whirl of heartache and exploration like a moth is drawn to a flame. In the end, that addiction to misadventure is likely to have killed her.

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It’s Time For Serbia To Stand Up And Grasp The Nettle

An online search for Novak Djokovic spews out a seemingly endless stream of stories on how he has positively changed the image of Serbia and then, like Caesar to Rome, he brought thousands to the streets of Belgrade to celebrate his victorious homecoming. 

Of course, it is true that many of these reports are riddled with hyperbole and over-the-top praise for the sportsman’s triumph. There have even been demands for the sanctification of the young tennis star.

While it is easy to pour scorn on the inflated enthusiasm of a number of these celebratory stories, there is legitimacy in their core message. What we all witnessed was a natural outpouring of national pride in the incredible success of a countryman. 

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Belgrade Theatrical Beacons Bring Serbian Opera to Britain

Two of Belgrade’s leading theatrical lights have come together to present British audiences with a taste of award-winning Serbian chamber opera. Producer Milan Govedarica and composer Anja Djordjevic will be staging a one-hour piece Narcissus & Echo in London, Manchester and Bradford, this autumn.

The opera tells the classical Greek love story of lonely nymph Echo and her fatal love for the beautiful Narcissus, who has eyes only for his own reflection. With music that draws on Purcell and Monteverdi and a chorus of wise and witty nymphs, this opera of love is a timeless piece brought up to date by Milan.

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Classical Guitar Hails An Incredible New Star From Montenegro

Classical guitar has found a bright new star in the form of the Montenegrin Miloš Karadaglić. With just one jaw-dropping collection of music until his belt, this charismatic young virtuoso guitarist is already being hailed for his brilliant technique and majestic musicality.

Fans across Europe are able to judge for themselves what critics have been saying for months, as Miloštours Europe in July and August with his stunning new album, Mediterraneo / The Guitar. The tour includes a lunchtime performance in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. After that, Miloš will move on to the US.

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