Cinema Komunisto: A History of Yugoslavia Told Through Film

Cinema Komunisto is a meticulously researched documentary depicting Yugoslavian cinema between 1946 and 1991. Already a film festival favourite, Serbian director Mila Turajlic’s debut is a captivating and spellbinding documentary delving deep into the history of Yugoslav cinema.

As the film’s opening titles proclaim, Cinema Komunisto is ‘a history of a country that no longer exists… except in movies.’  An intriguing start to an engaging true-life tale of intrigue, passion, war and Hollywood stars.

Mila has been successfully touring her debut documentary at film festivals worldwide, picking up awards and plaudits as she goes. Most recently she gained praise at New York’s prestigious Tribeca Film FestivalCinema Komunisto was screened in London as part of this week’s (Post) Yugoslav Film Festival at UCL.

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