Belgrade Boos Amy Winehouse Off Stage After Shameful Performance

Abuse, jeers and plastic beer glasses were thrown at Amy Winehouse as she attempted to open her European tour with a disappointingly shameful show in Belgrade (18 June). After little over an hour, she admitted defeat and the booing crowd forced her from the stage.

In what was flagged as a comeback tour to prepare the ground for Amy’s long-awaited follow-up album to 2006’s Back to Black, 20,000 people paid to see perform the global hits that have brought her millions and unveil some new tracks.  Instead, they watched as Amy stumbled, staggered and fell around stage, making little effort to sing or perform. She attempted a few lines from a handful of songs, mumbled with her hand in front of her mouth, but couldn’t even follow the lyrics on her floor monitors. 

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Bosnia’s Singing Sensation Amira Treats London To Exclusive Album Preview

Bosnia’s finest sevdalinke singer Amira Medunjanin is in London to give two special performances, one being an exclusive preview of her new album, Amulette. In a charming interview,  W!LD RooSTeR spoke with Amira about that third studio album and how she explores the language of sevdalinke.

So, Amira, welcome back to London. “Thank you, the pleasure is all mine,’ she said. “It’s brilliant here. I am in love with London. It was love at first sight really. This is one of the very few places outside of Bosnia where I feel at home. I would say I am on my, now traditional, visit to London.

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Implausible Script Causes Na Putu To Veer Off The Path: Film Review

Some films stick with you. They can affect your viewpoint, encourage discussion, or excite you so much that you want to share that with anyone who will listen. Other films simply wash over you, leaving you a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience. For me, Bosnian drama Na Putu (On the Path) falls into the later category.

Don’t get me wrong: I really wanted to like this film. After the stomach-punch impact of her 2006 film Esma’s Secret (Grbavica), my hopes were high for this latest from writer/director Jasmila Žbanić. But as much as I tried, I just couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

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Serbia is Schizophrenic, Cinema Komunisto Director Mila Turajlic Says

“We lack an official consensus over our history. It’s what makes Serbia schizophrenic,’ Belgrade-born director Mila Turajlic told an audience of film fans and academics in London.

Mila was using a situation at Serbia’s Military Museum to illustrate her feelings on a culture with far deeper issues of identity and direction.

“The second floor of the Military Museum has been closed for seven or eight years and it really illustrates questions about modern Serbian society,’ she said “The ground floor of the Military Museum covers Serbian military history from the beginning of the Serbian Kingdom to the Second World War. The second floor is dedicated to the Second World War. This is the oldest museum in Serbia and one of the most visited ones, which gives you an idea of Serbian history really being dominated by war.

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