Crown Prince Alexander II Hosts Exhibition to Queen Maria of Yugoslavia

The rich and varied life HM Queen Maria of Yugoslavia is being commemorated with a fascinating exhibition at Belgrade’s White Palace. The exhibition was launched by HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and his family.

The interesting exhibition of historical artefacts and personal effects will give visitors a unique opportunity to learn facts, details and personal memories about the life of Queen Maria, from 1922 when she came to Belgrade until 1961 when she died in London.

Queen Maria was a fascinating women, dedicating most of her life to humanitarian work and, as such, she is remembered as a kind, generous and modest woman by Serbia. Through this exhibition, visitors will see Queen Maria of Yugoslavia as an emancipated woman ahead of her time in many ways and a warm mother who did her utmost to nurture and protect her family, even after they were forced to relocate to England.

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Summer in the City Shows Belgrade at its Best

Belgrade is a welcoming city to be experienced at its best in the summer, when the bustling street cafes, relaxed river bars and city gardens come alive with stylish young people promenading the avenues, squares and parks.

On a previous New Year’s Eve visit, winter draped the grey city is a deep blanket of snow and provided its own allure. While providing a attractive monochrome beauty against Belgrade’s often blackened buildings, the snow kept hidden the city’s true beauty. It was time for that to change and so I returned in June.

This time I was in for a treat, as the start of summer heralded a bright new season for Belgrade’s infamous riverside splavs and café culture. Not to mention dance-until-dawn nightlife and some seriously fine dining.

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Enjoy Balkan Brass Madness with Guca Festival Package

If you like your brass flavoured with an generous taste of Balkan mayhem, Serbia’s annual Guca Brass Festival is the only place to be this summer.

Each year the small Serbian village throws open its doors to host four days of the world’s wildest Balkan brass bands and energetic gypsy musicians as the non-stop party rings out along its packed streets.

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Chelsea Scores Own Goal in Lame Clash With Serbia

The ignorant and ill-chosen comments of publicity-chasing US TV presenter Chelsea Handler have angered Serbs around the world and given her producers a headache.

In recent days, a transatlantic storm has erupted following some outrageous slurs on Serbia and the Serbs. US TV host and alleged comedian Chelsea Handler who seems to resort to lame controversy to boost her ratings showed her small-town attitude when she let rip on her E! TV show, Chelsea Lately.  Alongside panelists and guests Greg Proops, Chris Franjola and Natasha Leggero, the 36-year-old fired a volley of national insults targeting Serbia, thinly disguised as ‘comedy’ during an easy-target piece about Amy Winehouse. The guests were visibly supportive of the comments in their laughter and applause (video).

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