Is The Road to Europe Clear For Serbia After Mladić Arrest ?

Much has been written about Serbia’s entry into the EU being apparently conditional on handing over alleged war criminal Ratko Mladić.

The Netherlands in particular has led the public onslaught, blocking Serbia’s options with arms crossed until President Tadić up-scaked the search for Mladić.The stakes were clearly high for Tadić and even the most charitable voice must see curious convenience in Serbia pulling Mladić out of the bag at the very time when pressure is increased and EU hot-shots visit Belgrade to discuss Serbia’s candidate status.

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Media Calls In Experts And Former Adversaries To Evaluate Mladić Arrest

The modern media landscape is primed for major news developments like the arrest of Mladić. No longer is something just a development, it has to prompt a ‘breaking news’ announcement and all the bells and whistles that come along with it.

The unravelling of major news stories provide perfect material for back-to-back reports on the 24-hour news channels, encouraging reports to camera from outside non-descript buildings and reason to raid the archives for footage to loop over interviews with a seemingly endless list of commentators and experts.

Channel hopping in recent days has thrown up interesting analyses and reactions to the arrest. Commentators and experts all want to have their say. Authors, politicians, state leaders, NGOs, lecturers, Balkan regional ‘experts’ and former military commanders have all been cropping up on TV. 

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Constantine’s Crossing by Dejan Stojiljković: Book Review

Nazis, Roman emperors and the quest for a holy relic, Dejan Stojiljković’s novel Constantine’s Crossing has all the elements you could expect from a Dan Brown-wannabe. Throw in some vampires and any writer worth his salt might just hit the jackpot.

What this does not say is that, while Constantine’s Crossing is a pacey mish-mash of touchstones from the horror thriller genre, it is not just a bandwagon-jumper riding the vampire wave. This story, with one foot in fact and another in fantasy, has far darker tones than the current glut of teenage bloodlust re-treads.

Rather than revelling in blood and gore, Constantine’s Crossing tackles themes of individual responsibility in war, the root of human evil, and a people’s duty to resist occupation. As well as ancient legend, it confronts some more modern beliefs about how people reacted to occupation by the German army.

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EXIT: Strengthened by a History of Struggle, Activism and Headlines

As music fans prepare to kick of the summer festival season across Europe, W!LD RooSTeR thought it was prime time to look at some of the headline grabbers in the history of one of the most exciting events on the calendar: Serbia’s world-class EXIT Festival.

EXIT has grown into an annual four-day festival attracting 200,000 people to the Petrovaradin Fortress in the small Vojvodina town of Novi Sad. Each year, more than 6,000 visitors attend from the UK and those figures are still rising. Since 2007, more than half of all EXIT visitors have come from abroad, with the UK its primary overseas focus.

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