<a href="http://wild-rooster.com/organ-harvesting-film-from-first-time-director-branko-tomovic/"><b>Organ harvesting film from first-time director Branko Tomovic</b></a><p>Organ harvesting in the criminal underground is the gruesome subject of the directorial debut of London-based Serb actor Branko Tomovic. The star of 24: Live Another Day, The Bourne Ultimatum
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/international-acclaim-for-serbian-teen-drama-next-to-me/"><b>International acclaim for Serbian teen drama Next to Me</b></a><p>When a Serbian film makes waves beyond the domestic market, critics and audiences sit up and pay attention. As thought-provoking and socially relevant high school drama Pored Mene (Next to
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/belgrade-director-filip-kovacevic-delivers-stylish-serbian-action-film-incarnation/"><b>Belgrade director Filip Kovačević delivers stylish Serbian action film Incarnation</b></a><p>With his debut feature, Incarnation, young Serbian director Filip Kovačević has crafted a visually striking thriller that can stand proud among Hollywood equals. Incarnation, which premieres to an international audience
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/the-promise-of-wine-feuds-and-passion-in-rural-serbia/"><b>The Promise of Wine, Feuds and Passion in Rural Serbia</b></a><p>Even hardened teetotallers would be moved by The Promise, a character driven documentary of passion and determination to unleash dormant potential in a proud people and their fertile land. Vineyards in
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/bosnian-sevdah-star-amira-presents-damar-real-world-class/"><b>Bosnian Sevdah Star Amira Presents Damar: Real World Class</b></a><p>As a siren entices sailors to a watery grave, an expressive soul can lure strangers to get giddy on its intoxicating tales of love, loss and sorrow. Sarajevo-born sevdah singer
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/festival-audiences-line-up-for-ambitious-serbian-thriller-incarnation/"><b>Festival audiences line up for ambitious Serbian thriller Incarnation</b></a><p>High concept thriller Incarnation is the latest Serbian film to attract attention, as word of mouth builds in the wake of premiere screenings in the UK, US and in the
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/international-film-award-for-leading-serbian-actor-slaven-doslo/"><b>International film award for leading Serbian actor Slaven Došlo</b></a><p>International acclaim is stacking up for Serbian actor SLAVEN DOŠLO, who earned an Angela Award for his outstanding acting performance in Next to Me / Pored Mene. At the culmination
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