<a href="http://wild-rooster.com/londons-smart-bench-network-gives-boost-to-cancer-research/"><b>London’s Strawberry smart bench network gives boost to cancer research</b></a><p>Smart city business Strawberry Energy UK has joined forces with Cancer Research UK to launch a network of ‘contactless’ smart benches (#SmartBenchUK) in time for World Cancer Day (4 February).
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/young-serb-slaven-doslo-fronts-frothy-montenegrin-rom-com-biser-bojane/"><b>Young Serb Slaven Došlo fronts frothy Montenegrin rom-com Biser Bojane</b></a><p>Watersports, young love and the natural beauty of Montenegro share the screen in the frothy rom-com Biser Bojane, which opens across the Balkans on 16 February. The latest film from
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/serbian-actor-slaven-doslo-is-primed-for-his-first-international-film-roles/"><b>Serbian actor Slaven Došlo is primed for his first international film roles</b></a><p>The world is calling for award-winning Serbian actor Slaven Došlo, who plans to shoot his first English-language role this summer. Scripts have been rolling in since the charismatic star of acclaimed films
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/berlin-premiere-for-bojan-vuletics-serbian-satire-requiem-for-mrs-j/"><b>Berlin premiere for Bojan Vuletić’s Serbian satire Requiem for Mrs J</b></a><p>A Serbian black comedy about suicide, bureaucracy and a mother’s endless struggle to make ends meet in a society hampered by its past is flagged as a must-see film at
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/serbian-hitmaker-zeljko-joksimovic-returns-to-london-stage/"><b>Serbian hitmaker Željko Joksimović returns to London stage</b></a><p>Serbian singer-songwriters do not come much greater or more successful than Željko Joksimović, the man behind many of this century’s best Balkan ballads. London audiences will be able to judge
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/belgrade-director-filip-kovacevic-delivers-stylish-serbian-action-film-incarnation/"><b>Belgrade director Filip Kovačević delivers stylish Serbian action film Incarnation</b></a><p>With his debut feature, Incarnation, young Serbian director Filip Kovačević has crafted a visually striking thriller that can stand proud among Hollywood equals. Incarnation, which premieres to an international audience
</p> <a href="http://wild-rooster.com/the-promise-of-wine-feuds-and-passion-in-rural-serbia/"><b>The Promise of Wine, Feuds and Passion in Rural Serbia</b></a><p>Even hardened teetotallers would be moved by The Promise, a character driven documentary of passion and determination to unleash dormant potential in a proud people and their fertile land. Vineyards in
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